Terms and conditions

Definitory and identity elements

Visiting, using or ordering visualised product on TUDOR-ART.COM site implies accepting Conditions of use that are detailed as it follows. In order to properly use the site, we recommend attentive reading of Terms and Conditions.

TUDOR-ART.COM is administered by Commercial Company DAN TUDOR Ltd., headquarters in Ramnicu Valcea, 9, Splaiul Independentei, Register no. J38/291/2000, CUI RO 13449363.

TUDOR-ART.COM has the right to revise and to change these Terms and Conditions, as well as any other changes in www.tudor-art.com site, with no prior notice. By accessing the Terms and Conditions page, you can always read the latest version.

Subscription obligations of user

In order to buy products and services, you must enter your details on the www.tudor-art.com website.

When using the services, you must state that you are supplying real information, honest and complete about yourself, that can provide a good functionality in commercial relations, as well as good communication between the parties.

In case that TUDOR-ART.COM finds that this obligation has been violated, it has the right to block access to the services, on determined or undetermined period of time, with no prior notice.

Prices and payment

Submitted prices include VAT: 19% for subscription and 5% for books.

Purchase prices on the bill will be the same as the ones submitted on the site the moment of the purchase, costs of delivery will be added.

Payment for products will be cash, when delivery is made, or credit/debit card when placing your order online. Subscription can also be paid via bank transfer or money order.

Delivery information

Shipping time is maximum 1 working day, calculating the date of your order. This period can be modified for reasons beyond TUDOR-ART.COM. During the day of shipment, buyer will be noticed by e-mail or by telephone.

Delivery fees include value tax added (VAT) and is of 20 Lei for Romania, 10 EUR/15 USD for other countries.

Delivery is made by Romanian Post (Priori Post), at client’s address, in 2 working days, since shipment, in Romania (7-10 days in other countries). Package can be taken over by any member of the family.

Products are delivered as stocks lasts.

Liability for any damage caused to the product or package delivered by TUDOR-ART.COM belongs to the carrier, according to Romanian laws.

Subscription for use of TUDOR-ART.COM data-base starts in the moment when payment has been made. Access is communicated to client through e-mail, along with access data, type and period of subscription.


All content of TUDOR-ART.COM site, including texts, images, graphics, elements of web design, scripts or any other data, as well as the “know-how”, all rights for data-base, designing rights, pattern rights, recordings of domain names, is property of Commercial Company DAN TUDOR Ltd., or of its suppliers, and is protected under copyright laws and under laws on intellectual or industrial property rights. The use, without prior written agreement, of any elements from the site content, is punished by law.

Processing of Personal Data and Privacy Policy

By completing the customer data in the order form, the user declares that he accepts unconditionally that personal data to be included in the customer’s data base.

Thus, TUDOR-ART.COM can communicate with its clients, can notice users/clients regarding “on sale” current products, through periodical newsletter, or it can send special greeting cards or other various special messages.

Personal data shall not be disclosed without the user's consent, except in the event of litigation / dispute on payment fraud or on legal basis request of: banks involved in online payments, international cards and service providers, respectively, authorized institutions.

According to Law 677/2001, users of TUDOR-ART.COM have the following rights. a) the right to information (article 12) b) The right of access to information (article 13) - the right to obtain, upon request and free of charge, once a year, the confirmation that the data concerning him is or not processed by supplier c) The right to intervene (article 14) - the right to require the data controller, by written request and free of charge, the following: correction, updating, blocking or deletion of incomplete, inaccurate or unlawful processing, transforming unlawful processing of personal data in anonymous; notifying others about the operations referred to in letters. a) and b) d). The right to proceedings (article 15) - the right to object, free of charge and in a written request, from compelling legitimate grounds relating to his particular situation, that the data regarding him to be processed e) The right to go to court (article 18) - the right to go to court to protect the rights guaranteed by the law and infringement f) the right to appeal to the supervisory authority (article .25).

Responsibilities regarding products

Commercial Company DAN TUDOR assumes no responsibility and can not be held responsible for any loss arising through the use of products purchased from this site, for purposes other than those specified by the manufacturer. Returning products may be made in accordance with the provisions of Ordinance 130/2000 (see Disclaimer and return)

Limitations regarding the use of certain remote communication

Art. 1 Certain remote communication requires prior agreement of the user: a) automated calling system without human intervention (answering machine); b) tele-copying (fax machine); c) electronic postal address (e-mail).

Art. 2 Use of individual communication techniques other than those referred to in art. 1 is not allowed if there is a refusal expressed by the consumer.

The list of remote communication techniques: a) prints not addressed; b) prints addressed; c) standardized letter d) advertising printed with order form e); catalog f) telephone with human intervention; g) telephone without human intervention (answering machine, audio text); h) radio; i) video-phone; j) videotext (computer, TV screen with keyboard or touch screen); electronic mail (e-mail); tele-copiator (fax); television (teleshopping)


By using, viewing or purchasing products from this website, the user is aware that Romanian law will govern the terms and conditions above and any dispute of any sort that might arise between user and Commercial Company DAN TUDOR Ltd. In case of any disputes between Commercial Company DAN TUDOR Ltd. and its clients, it will first try to solve them amicably, within 30 working days. If amicable settlement is not possible, the conflict will be resolved in the court, in accordance with Romanian laws.

Neither party shall be liable for failure to fulfill its contractual obligations, if such default is due to an event of force majeure. Force majeure is unforeseeable, beyond the control of the parties and can not be avoided.


If any of the above will be found void or invalid for any reason, it will not affect the validity of the other clauses. With the order, the customer accepts the terms and conditions of use, their value being the same as a valid contract.

By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, the customer fully assumes the rights and obligations arising from the purchase of goods and services offered by TUDOR.ART.COM

Latest version: January 1st, 2017