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39.37 x 27.56 in
BORȘ, Otilia ElenaEUR 4 000mixed technique on cardboard
19.69 x 27.56 in
SFINTEȘ, Geanina VictoriaEUR 200oil on canvas
White Moon
11.02 x 11.02 in
PANAITESCU, Ana MariaEUR 300oil on canvas
Red Moon
14.96 x 14.96 in
PANAITESCU, Ana MariaEUR 300oil on plywood
Luna rosie (2 piese)
55.12 x 62.99 in
NICULESCU, Matei EnricEUR 700tempera on wood
19.69 x 14.96 in
ANIȚEI, EmilEUR 300pastel
27.95 x 19.69 in
ȘTEFĂNESCU RÂMNIC, GeorgeEUR 1 700oil on cardboard
23.62 x 15.75 in
GRADEANU, NeluEUR 200 | USD 225oil on canvas
19.69 x 13.78 in
GRADEANU, NeluEUR 175 | USD 150oil on canvas
10.63 x 11.81 in
IOSIP, IrinaEUR 180pastel
Maica Domnului
23.62 x 15.75 in
MACARIE, LaurentiuEUR 400basorelief în marmură
Maica Domnului Imparateasa Cerului
12.60 x 11.02 in
GRADEANU, NeluEUR 100 | USD 125acryl și foiță de aur pe lemn
making love with the wind
11.81 x 39.37 in
VIJOLI, ElenaEUR 2 800mixed technique on canvas
27.56 x 19.69 in
ȘTEFĂNESCU RÂMNIC, GeorgeEUR 2 000oil on canvas
mancatoarele de macaroane
36.22 x 35.43 in
BÂRSANU, SilviuEUR 23 000oil on canvas
mancatorii de macaroane
22.44 x 24.41 in
BÂRSANU, SilviuEUR 30 000oil on canvas
Mancatorul de masti
27.56 x 19.69 in
TRIPA, RaulEUR 450acrylic on canvas
Mancatorul de vise
CĂLINESCU, AureliaEUR 520 | USD 645acrylic on canvas
Marea la Costinesti
19.69 x 25.00 in
ANIȚEI, EmilEUR 400oil on cardboard
Marile sperante
31.50 x 23.62 in
VRÂNCEANU COTUȚIU, CĂRĂBUȘ, Georgiana PaulaEUR 450oil on canvas
9.45 x 7.48 in
GROȘARU (CALOÏAN), MarcelEUR 895mixed technique on canvas
17.72 x 17.72 in
ȘONȚU, GhenadieEUR 2 000oil on canvas
23.62 x 19.69 in
NADIRAEUR 200oil on canvas
27.56 x 35.43 in
CIULEI ANDREI, Ana MariaEUR 250oil on canvas
Masina Dragostei
23.62 x 16.54 in
BOAEUR 600oil on cardboard

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